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  gluten free dishes  

we specialise in Gluten free dishes.

as we all know gluten free has become more important as a way of living for many of us today. Fashion! Or fact? I do know those clients who suffer with coeliac's disease or with intolerance to gluten protein appreciate our gluten free range.

it's known or suggested that eliminating gluten protein does help keep you with a  happier bowel , better improved nutrient absorption , with a healthier lifestyle , reduces flatulence, bloating , and inflammation in one's body so for those who suffer with coeliac symptoms  or IBS problems, we create gluten free delights and  we try to keep the G I as low as possible.

we have one or two items that are  sugar dairy and gluten free ex our blueberry banana loaf where the only sugars are from its fruit as we don't add any sugar to our mixes. 

at all times desirabelle delights only use the finest of ingredients possible. Our sauces and other gourmet delights are being created daily as désirée loves creating for all tastes and desires that clients request as our purpose is to be of service to all our clients' culinary needs wherever possible. Our salads are tasty and a delight to see.

we pride ourselves on our delicious unusual salad dressings created for each salad to bring out the best.

we use the finest Italian or French olive oils with unusual mixes of vinegars.

we believe you will enjoy each and every dish that you select.


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