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  gourmet delights  

our gourmet delights include various seasonal items like jams, grilled and marinated pepper chillies, and  our pimente de Bondi (based on pimente d’Espelette) is notorious amongst those who love a chilli bite in their food,   we take great pride in drying out the picked chillies organically grown in our garden, in the sunshine over many weeks. 

our famous pesto sauces give pleasure to many who appreciate the organic basil used fresh from the garden  and we use only parmesan reggianno in them.

the other sauces are very seasonal as are our salads made for various functions as requested.

we do a number of Jewish classic dishes for the Jewish  festivals as well as many Xmas dishes over the festive season. desiree having had a restaurant in Paris is well accomplished to cater for all your holiday specialities in both French classic, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and oriental  cuisines based on all her travels and experiences over the years in the trade, she loves to blend her spices and sauces according to all your requirements.

we roast and blend our own spices and make our own salad dressings to suits each salad.

we use a variety of 4+ extra virgin olive oils in various flavours including a number of different wine vinegars to create our dressings and sauces and we use a vast variety of fresh herbs at all times 


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