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Our pastries are made in the old fashioned conventional way the way Desiree was taught by the Master of French Pastry Chef Gaston Lenotre M.O.F., who began his school Ecole Lenotre, under whose methods Desiree follows.

We use good butter and flour and the best of fruits, of course it’s easier today to go out and buy commercially made pastries but nothing quite compares with our classic style of making the various pastries.

Our fruit tarts are a basic pâte sable aux amandes we have for gluten free tarts created a totally gluten free pâte sable aux amandes

In the winter we make classic puff pastry but in summer as the kitchen is not yet air conditioned it’s not practical to provide puff pastry desserts of high quality.

The only pastry we buy in is phyllo pastry.

We only use the best quality fruits in season as why spoil a good pastry using inferior fruits on top.

We create amazing chocolate desserts using the finest of imported chocolates of a mixture to suits most tastes meaning we blend from 70% upwards but not lower if possible.

Our frangipane is a classic blend of crème d’amande with crème pâtissière

We create pastries to suit all tastes and flavours, so if you require something specially created for your company call us and désirée will do her best to create something for you in your style of menu.

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